How Do You Play "Shanghai Rummy"?


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The object of "Shanghai Rummy" is to be the first player to get rid of all her cards by making combinations of three or more cards, and sequences of consecutive cards. There are 10 rounds in each game.

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For two to four players, "Shanghai Rummy" is played with two decks of cards including the jokers. Each player is dealt 11 cards each round. Place the rest of the cards face-down in a pile, except for one card placed face-up. This face-up card starts the discard pile. The player on the left of the dealer goes first, and to start her turn, she picks up a card from either pile.

In order to make a play, each player must meet the contract for each round. For example, the first round requires two sets of three, such as three fours and three sevens. After the player meets the contract, she may make any play she wants. Examples of allowed plays include adding a card to another player's set, or a sequence of four or more consecutive cards of the same suite. After the end of the player's turn, she disposes of one card into the discard pile. One joker may replace any card in a sequence or set.

The first player to get rid of all of her cards, ends the round and gets 25 bonus points. All the players add up their points on the scorecard and a new round starts. Rummygames.com contains a complete set of rules for "Shanghai Rummy."

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