How Do You Play "Shanghai Mahjong"?


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"Shanghai Mahjong" is an electronic version of the classic Chinese solitaire game in which players find matching pairs of tiles. Matching pairs are removed from the board, and the object of the game is to eliminate all the tiles from the board.

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How Do You Play "Shanghai Mahjong"?
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A mahjong setup is a specific arrangement of randomly-placed tiles, usually in multiple tiers. Only "free" tiles can be matched and removed. A tile is considered "free" if it does not have a tile either to its left or its right, or if there are no tiles stacked on top of it. Mahjong often requires careful planning because it is possible to become stuck. Before making matches, examine the board carefully to ensure that you can make more matches after the next move. Removing higher tiers is a good strategy because it frees up many tiles hidden on lower levels.

"Shanghai Mahjong" adds a few aesthetic features to the classic game, including 3D graphics, customizable tile faces and backgrounds, and over 200 tile arrangements for varied gameplay. The game also has social features, such as global leaderboards and achievements, allowing players to see how their mahjong skills compare with their friends and with players around the world. This free app is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac OS X.

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