How Do You Play Scrabble Blast?


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Players can play "Scrabble Blast" by using letter tiles that arrive at the board from every direction to create words and remove them from play. The basic "Scrabble Blast" game is available to be played in both Puzzle and Blast modes, with the latter mode being faster in pace.

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"Scrabble Blast" is designed to be a single-player game and features stat-tracking technology and intuitive controls. The game's Blast mode is limited to 100 seconds of play, while Puzzle mode urges players to create words to defuse tiles that explode. Players can also play in both Classic and Action mode by downloading the "Scrabble Free" expansion from the game's main menu. In all game modes, players can choose to play on either a 7-by-7 or 5-by-5 grid. Players can compare their scores against those of other players around the world on the score leaderboard, which is available through Facebook Connect.

As of 2015, "Scrabble Blast" is available on both Facebook and on Apple mobile devices, such as the iPhone. When played on an Apple device, players can enjoy music from their personal iTunes Libraries while playing "Scrabble Blast." As of 2015, "Scrabble Blast" is part of the Hasbro franchise. It was developed by EA Mobile.

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