How Do You Play "My Scene Shopping Spree"?


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Play "My Scene Shopping Spree" by selecting from the available list of background themes and choosing two of the characters from the My Shopping Scene line of toys for which to shop. While shopping, select different clothing and accessories to customize each character, then view them on the chosen background.

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When picking a theme, you can choose between options such as the Club Birthday, the Secret Locker or the My Bling Bling. Each theme represents the backdrop on which you view the dress up dolls and correlates to an aspect of the toy line. After choosing the theme, you select one male and one female character from the line's dolls to take shopping. The majority of the game takes place in the shopping section, wherein each character stands in a dressing room as you choose different aspects of the outfit.

Each clothing or accessory item you choose displays on the dressing room door, allowing you to visualize the final outfit. Customization options include dresses and jewelry for the female characters and shirts and pants for the male characters. Once you choose the outfits for the characters, you can see them wearing the clothes on the themed backdrop chosen earlier. From here, you can choose to print out a picture of the characters wearing the clothing or start over again.

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