How Do You Play "Santa's Village" Games on a Phone?


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In “Santa's Village” for Android, players help Santa build a bigger village to save Christmas using touch controls. “Santa's Village” is rated E for everyone, and players don't need an Internet connection to play.

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Players begin by building a home for Santa's growing community of elves. Then they create factories to produce more toys and teach Santa's reindeer how to fly. As the players expand Santa's village, they meet magical neighbors such as the Yeti and Yobo. They can also unlock decorations that they use to decorate the village to make it more festive.

“Santa's Village” features over 120 decorations and buildings for players to use to create a unique village. The game also allows players to explore the village that they create in 3D. Using this feature, they can rotate and zoom to get a new perspective. Players have to use these new perspectives to locate prizes hidden within the village.

“Santa's Village” also offers mini games such as "Reindeer Flight School" and "Snowball Frenzy" to mix up the gameplay and to prevent the game from being just a building simulator. Playing these mini games earns players Bells that they can use to purchase new items to improve the village further.

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