How Do You Play "Santa Kicker" Online?


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Play the free online game "Super Santa Kicker" by positioning your mouse on the screen to set the force and trajectory with which a reindeer kicks Santa Claus in order to get him into a chimney. Each level presents different obstacles and challenges to get Santa into the chimney.

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The game's controls are relatively simple, using only the mouse as an input device. Move the mouse up and down on the screen to change the trajectory of the kick. To change the force, move the mouse from left to right. To initiate the kick, left-click on your current position.

The basic premise behind the game "Super Santa Kicker" is that Santa needs the help of a reindeer in order to get down each house's chimney and deliver presents. This help is provided in the form of a powerful kick that launches Santa across the screen, either directly into a chimney or bouncing through each level until he falls into the chimney. Each level gives you an infinite number of attempts to get Santa down the chimney, tracking your total time and number of attempts rather than giving you a specific score. Click on the reset button in the upper-right corner of each level to reset these counters.

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