How Do You Play "That's a Fact"?

How Do You Play "That's a Fact"?

To play "That's a Fact," type the answer to the math problem presented and press enter. The game is available on the Math section of, as of July 2015.

Visit the home page, and click on The Learning Site. Click on Math. Place the cursor on Harcourt Math on the left menu, then select the top program on the right menu. If you are a Harcourt Math program user, you can sign in. Otherwise, click on Preview.

Click on Activities and Resources for Students. Under the All Grades heading, click on "That's a Fact."

Choose one of the formula options, which include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Choose one of the number options that set the maximum number for the formulas. Select if you want the problems to appear horizontally or vertically. Set the number of minutes to complete the problems, or choose "Do not time me."

If you set a time, the timer counts down as you complete problems. Click on skip to skip that problem. After you complete all 30 problems or the time runs out, the game displays a summary. The summary includes the number of problems you answered correctly, incorrectly and didn't answer. It also shows you the problems you answered incorrectly or didn't answer.