How Do You Play the "Rush Hour" Game?


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To play “Rush Hour,” a player uses a computer mouse to drag cars around the playing grid to clear a path for the red car to escape. There are 40 different maps for players to figure out.

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There are four categories of maps that range from Beginner to Expert. Under each category are 10 maps, and each of them gets slightly more challenging. Although the map never changes in size, the number of cars and the location of the player's car changes from map to map.

Players can only drag cars forward and backward, not side to side. They have to keep this mind when they plan out strategies for each stage. If they make moves that they are unhappy with, they can drag the cars back to their original positions or press F5 on the computer keyboard to reload the map.

Nob Yoshigahara was the creator of “Rush Hour.” He was a collector, inventor and developer of puzzles. During his career, he helped create more than 70 puzzle books and worked on monthly puzzle columns for magazines. He licensed his “Rush Hour” game to Binary Arts, which later became ThinkFun. Aside from making games, Yoshigahara was also an avid computer programmer.

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