How Do You Play "Run 3" on the Cool Math Website?


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Play the game "Run 3" by using the left, right and up arrow keys to move the character throughout the levels and avoid falling into holes. Some areas require moving the character to the edge of the play field, which shifts the orientation of the level.

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The free online game "Run 3" is a type of endless runner game, wherein the player continuously runs through the play area with no clear distinction between levels. The main gameplay consists of moving the character to the left and right of the approaching game area using the corresponding arrow keys to avoid gaps in the road. Pressing the up arrow key allows the character to jump over these gaps as well. By holding down the left or right arrow keys while jumping, the character is able to move in a diagonal fashion

While the player can avoid many of the obstacles in each level by moving and jumping on the starting plane, several sections require her to rotate the game field. This is done by holding the left or right arrow key until the character reaches the end of the game area. Once the character makes contact with the wall, the field shifts and that wall becomes the floor.

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