How Do You Play "Run 2" on

The game Run 2 on is a fun, fast-paced game with short levels. Each level requires an extreme amount of concentration and memorization during play.

Run 2 on was created to test a user's concentration and memorization skills. Because the levels are like short bursts of energy, the user has to focus on their character and where it must go on the screen at all times. The levels progress at a frenetic pace, and subsequent levels get harder as the user completes them. Additionally, Run 2 has two difficulty levels: normal and fast.

To play Run 2, the user has to keep in mind the left and right arrow keys for moving or gliding (to the left and right) and the space bar for jumping. More rules within the game are added as it progress, such as the ability to scale walls. Scaling walls also changes the perception of the character within the game. It is jarring at first but something that the user has to get comfortable with in order to succeed at the game.

There are also hidden bonuses within each level in the form of a yellow star. These add an extra level of difficulty as the user is forced to find a different path to obtain the star than just completing the level.