How Do You Play "Run 1" on the Cool Math Website?


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Play the game "Run" on CoolMath-Games.com by using the left- and right-arrow keys to move the character around the three-dimensional game world, avoiding holes in the ground. Pressing the space bar also allows the character to jump over gaps in the ground.

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The basic controls for the game involve pressing the left-arrow key to move the character to the left of the screen and pressing the right-arrow key to move to the right of the screen. Once the character reaches the edge of the play area, the world rotates so that the wall becomes the ground.

At the start of the game, players have the option to choose one of two game modes that present different ways to play the game. In the Adventure mode, players must navigate through different levels using the arrow keys and the space bar to avoid gaps and holes in the ground. Each level in the Adventure mode has a definite end and a set design, so players develop specific strategies to navigate the obstacles. In the Endless game mode, players move along a single continuous level that has no end. In both cases, any time a character falls through a hole, the player is taken back to the start of the level.

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