How Do You Play Rummy Online?


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Card players can enjoy “Gin Rummy” online on arcade websites such as Games.com. Gamers can choose to play against the computer or against real opponents. They can play as guests or create an account to chat with others.

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How Do You Play Rummy Online?
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The goal of “Gin Rummy” is for the player to score more points than the opponent. The player starts with 10 cards in his hand. From these cards, he must form groups of three or more cards that are either the same value or a sequence of the same suit. To win, he has to keep the cards that aren't in groups, known as the deadwood, to a minimum. Once the deadwood totals less than 10 points, the player can knock to end that round.

When a player knocks, the hand is over, and his points equal the amount of cards in the opponent's deadwood pile. However, once a player knocks, he forfeits any points that are in his deadwood pile. A player can win a round without taking any point deductions if he can eliminate all of his cards and yell “Gin.”

While holding out for Gin is tempting, it can also cost the player points in the long run. Once he has the opportunity to knock, he should do so. It's true that the player gets more points if he achieves Gin, but he accumulates more points every time he knocks.

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