How Do You Play the Rock, Paper and Scissors Game?


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Rock, Paper, Scissors is a two-player game you can play anywhere. The object of the game is to outwit your opponent by selecting an object (rock, paper or scissors) that trumps the other player's selection in a pre-defined hierarchy. The game can be played just for fun in standalone rounds or in a "best of" series to determine the winner. It can be a useful tool for solving disagreements or deciding who will go first for another game.

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How Do You Play the Rock, Paper and Scissors Game?
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  1. Choose your opponent

    Find someone to play against, and stand facing your opponent.

  2. Choose your object (rock, paper or scissors)

    Count to three out loud, and on three, each player chooses an object (rock, paper or scissors). Make your selection by simulating that object with your hand. To choose a rock, make a fist. To choose paper, lay your hand flat. To choose scissors, hold out two fingers (your pointer and middle finger), and fold the rest of your fingers into a fist.

  3. Determine a winner

    Determine the winner of your round based on the object you and your opponent each selected using the following guidelines: Rock beats scissors. Paper beats rock. Scissors beats paper. If you are playing a "best of" series, continue with additional rounds until one player has won a majority of the specified amount (e.g. in a best of five series, whoever reaches three wins first is the victor).

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