How Do You Play the "Roblox" Game?


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Play the game "Roblox" by signing up for a free account and naming your player avatar, then interacting with other players in the world and building items on your free plot of land. The game also features chatting options, building tools and open games built around the game world.

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"Roblox" is an online, open-world sandbox game, which means there are no set rules or guidelines for how to play. There are instead a set of tools and basic controls through which the players define their own gameplay. After creating an account, each player receives her own avatar and space in the world, each of which includes various customization options. These options are available through the game's virtual catalog and take the form of clothing, furniture and building materials that are available to all players. However, as of 2015, only players who pay for a monthly subscription to join the Builder's Club have access to the full catalog and special items.

One of the main aspects of the game is building, which occurs by using the keyboard to position the player avatar on the open plot of land and clicking on in-game elements to place blocks. It is possible for players to create functional buildings, interactive games or working machines, depending on the resources available. Players are also able to interact with one another's creations.

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