How Do You Play "Risk" Through the Pogo Online Service?

How Do You Play "Risk" Through the Pogo Online Service?

A membership is required to play "Risk" through the Pogo online service. Players have the choice between a free membership or a paid, ad-free membership. Registering via either option allows the player to play "Risk" and other games.

  1. Register with Pogo

    Register an account with Pogo by clicking on the Register link in the top right-hand corner of the browser screen. Choose and enter a screen name to be shown to other players. Enter an email address, date of birth and password. Agree to the terms and conditions of the site by checking the box next to the agreement option.

  2. Select a membership option

    Choose between a free membership and a paid membership. A free membership plays ads between games and between turns of longer games. The paid membership offers an ad-free experience for the player. Paid memberships can be purchased through PayPal as a monthly membership or as a full-year subscription.

  3. Play the game

    When the account has been set-up and the email address provided is verified, the player can access "Risk." "Risk" is located in the board games menu of the Pogo site. Click on Board Games, choose "Risk" from the list of games, and begin playing the game.