How Do You Play "All The Right Type 3 Plus"?


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Students play “All The Right Type 3 Plus” using a computer keyboard to improve their touch-typing skills. “All The Right Type 3 Plus” is an award-winning program that over 50,000 education institutions in North America have used.

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The purpose of “All The Right Type 3 Plus” is to help students break out of using the hunt-and-peck typing method. Learning the proper way to type often slows students down at first. However, they often learn to type around 40 to 50 words per minute with this touch-typing program, compared to approximately 25 words per minute with the hunt-and-peck method. Since typing is an essential skill for many industries, learning to type faster often helps increase people's self-confidence.

When students start “All The Right Type 3 Plus,” they have several options. They can build up their keyboarding speed at the Practice Pavilion or attempt to reach a speed goal at the Testing Center. Students can gain quick access to their favorite word processing programs by linking the programs to the game via the Word Processing Plaza. Those who are learning to touch type for the first time can visit the Learning Lab, where videos and diagrams teach them proper hand positions and posture. Knowing proper hand positing is helpful in preventing injuries while typing for extended periods of time.

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