How Do You Play "Free Rider 2"?


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Play "Free Rider 2" by selecting a map and using the arrow keys to control the motorbike rider along the 2-dimensional track. Use the up and down keys to accelerate and brake, respectively and the arrow keys to steer upwards or downwards. Using the Z key turns the bike around, while the B key is used to bail. Press Enter to start over from the beginning of the map.

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"Free Rider 2" involves driving a motorbike rider along user-created maps, with the objective of not falling. The game does not have a scorekeeping or timer mechanism. The objective is to travel across the diverse terrain without falling. Accelerate towards inclines to launch the motorbike into the air. Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the motorbike for a smooth landing according to the incline of the terrain below.

To do a back or front flip, hold the left or right arrow key while the motorbike is in the air. In addition to ground surfaces, the motorbike tracks along ceilings as well, allowing for fully inverted loops and other stunts. If the motorbike falls, the map starts over at the beginning. Some maps include customized gravity where the motorbike reacts according to the arrows that appear on the map. These maps include arrows that point towards the direction of the gravitational pull.

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