How Do You Play "Returnman 3"?


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Play the game "Return Man 3" by using one of three different sets of keyboard keys to control a football player as he attempts to cross a football field and score a touchdown. Use special moves and collect power-ups to advance before an opposing team member tackles you.

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"Return Man 3" simulates the experience of fielding a kickoff in a football game and running to the end zone to score a touchdown. Control the movements of the player using the "I" key to move forward, the "L" key to move to the right, the "K" key to move back and the "J" key to move to the left. Alternately, change the controls to use either the arrow keys or the "W," "A," "S" and "D" keys from the options menu. During each round, move the player into the yellow circle before it fills completely to catch the kickoff. After catching, make your way to the end zone while avoiding oncoming opponents.

While running, you are likely to encounter several environmental obstacles, such as mud or ice. Overcome these by collecting cleat power-ups, which strengthen your grip on the ground. Also avoid oncoming tackles by using special moves. However, you may only use special moves once per play.

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