How Do You Play the "Return Man" Game?


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The simple Flash game "Return Man" is playable on ESPN's fantasy games Web page. The player uses the keyboard's arrow keys or letters I, J and L to control a football player and guide him to a touchdown.

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"Return Man" only allows the player to move his character left, right or forward. The opposing team constantly tries to tackle the player character. After each touchdown, the formation of the opposing team changes. The player character has offensive blockers to protect him and open up a path to run through. The offensive blockers cannot move backwards either, which means the player must decide when to run past his blockers and when to wait.

Players on the opposing team work differently. Large players instantly tackle the player's character and end the run. When the player reaches the opposing team's side of the field, smaller opponents slow the player character down by grabbing his leg. The player must quickly move left and right while moving forward to break free of the hold.

As the player progresses through the game, his character unlocks special abilities which give the player extra maneuverability in the game. Once the defense tackles the player character four times, the game ends.

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