What Are Some Basic Facts About "Return Man 2"?


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Return Man 2 is a flash game that requires players to catch a football and then maneuver to the opponents' end zone to score a touchdown. Players control the character by using the j, k and l keys like arrow keys while avoiding the tacklers from the opposing team.

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The object of the game is get to the end zone without being tackled. The first thing you must do in each round is catch the football, which will land on the yellow circle. Move into this circle immediately or you will have to go back and pick up the football manually. You have a limited number of "possessions," or attempts, to successfully complete each round.

The most important strategy is staying near your teammates, who will automatically tackle any nearby opponents. Be aware that your teammates will take a few moments to return to you, and that tackled opponents will eventually stand back up, so keep moving forward. Additionally, green lightning bolt power-ups may appear on the field that will give you a temporary boost of speed.

As you progress through the levels you will earn new abilities: spin, speedburst, and front flip, activated with a, s, and d, respectively. Use spin and front flip if an enemy is about to tackle you to knock them away, and use the speedburst to outrun your opponents. Each ability may only be used once per round.

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