How Do You Play "Return Man 2"?


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To play the “Return Man 2” game online, open the game, select a stage, and then read the objectives of that particular stage. Press the “I” key on your keyboard to move forward, “K” to run backwards, “J” to run to the left and “L” to run to the right.

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To pick up the ball when the game starts, move to the yellow circle on the field. The player automatically picks up the ball when he comes into contact with the yellow circle. Use the direction keys to dodge the advancing opponents.

Move through the advancing defenders to make it to the end zone. Avoid getting in contact with the kicker as you run towards the end zone. You lose a possession when you do not reach the end zone. Unlock the special moves, including spin, front flip and speed burst, as you advance through the game. The game records your progress at each stage as you continue playing. To increase your scores, dodge the enemy’s attack and keep running behind your teammates.

The “Return Man 2” game has two different modifications: “Return Man 2: Mud Bowl” and “Return Man 2: Zombies.” The two versions are available to play on websites such as ReturnMan2.net and ESPN.com.

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