How Do You Play Retro Arcade Games Online?


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Retro arcade games are available online at the Internet Arcade on Archive.org, as of 2015. The Internet Arcade features games from the 1970s through the 1990s, which users can play using keyboard controls or a game pad.

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To play a game on the Internet Arcade, visit the Archive.org home page and click Internet Arcade. The site sorts games by the number of views by default, and other sorting options include the game's archive date and alphabetically by title or creator. You can also search for games.

Click on a game to open its page. On the game page, click the power button to begin emulating the game, and then use keyboard or game pad controls to play the game. The amount of information available varies depending on the game, but all games include keyboard control information.

Jason Scott, the Internet Arcade Operator, recommends using Mozilla Firefox as a browser with the Internet Arcade to get the best performance. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari also all work, but only Firefox and Chrome provide all game functions.

While the majority of the games on the site are playable, some have glitches. Refreshing the browser window is a common fix for glitches. Recurring issues should be sent to Jason Scott, who can be contacted through a link in the About tab on the Internet Arcade.

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