How Do You Play the "Real Steel" Video Game on PS3?


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To play “Real Steel” on the PlayStaton 3 and various other consoles, gamers assemble their own custom robots to battle against other robots. The PS3 version of the game features both an offline single-player mode and an online battle mode. When playing online, robots from the “Real Steel” movie don't appear in the game.

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In the offline single-player mode, players must ultimately defeat the robot Zeus to become the World Robot Boxing champion. This mode of the game is divided into two different leagues: the Underworld and the WRB. Each of these leagues is further divided into subgroups of different ranks. To move up a rank, players have to battle with a different robot from the movie.

Customizing robots includes choosing arms, a head, fists and other parts. As the robots battle, they sustain damage, making it more difficult for players to win the fight. To counteract this, players have to go into Assembly Mode to do repairs after every few fights. As they win fights and earn money, they can afford better robot parts, which means they have to constantly revamp their robots in order to win.

When playing online, gamers earn ranking points after each battle and earn a place on the worldwide ranking boards. When viewing ranks, players can check the weekly, friendly and total rankings.

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