How Do You Play "Raft Wars 2"?


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Play "Raft Wars 2" by using the mouse to aim and fire a tennis ball launcher at different aspects of a water park. Create enough chaos to force the park to close. The game features turn-based controls and a set objective for each level, such as hitting a target.

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The main controls of "Raft Wars 2" consist of moving the mouse around the screen to set the force and trajectory of a tennis ball gun. Moving the mouse to the right increases the force, while moving it to the left decreases the force. Similarly, moving the mouse up and down sets the height of the shot. Left-click to fire a tennis ball.

"Raft Wars 2" is the sequel to the game "Raft Wars," which tells the story of two young boys who discover hidden treasure on a beach and must protect it from attacking pirates. In "Raft Wars 2," the boys return from a vacation six months after the events of the first game to find a water park operating on top of the treasure. To retrieve the treasure, the boys must create enough disturbances to cause the park to close. Players accomplish this by using one of the boy's tennis ball guns to shoot at park security guards, guests and different components of the park.

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