How Do You Play the "QWOP" Running Game?


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People can play “QWOP” in a desktop Web browser on arcade websites such as Foddy.net. There is also an HTML5 version of the game that runs in mobile Web browsers. “QWOP” is available for Android devices on Google Play as well.

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“QWOP” is a game that centers around difficult controls. Players take control of a runner who has just made it to the Olympic Games and is the solo representative for a small country. The idea is for the runner to complete a 100-meter dash. However, the country's training program was underfunded, so it's difficult for the runner to even move his legs correctly. The game reminds players that competing isn't about winning but about doing their best.

“QWOP” is set up on a four-button control scheme. The Q and W keys work the runner's thighs, and the O and P keys work his calves. The goal is to figure out how to time and press these four buttons properly to make the runner move without falling over.

When playing the game, a white line on the track marks the runner's best distance. In some cases, it's possible for him to move backwards, which produces a negative distance score. At the end of every try, the game tells the players how far they managed to run.

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