How Do You Play "Prop Hunt"?

How Do You Play "Prop Hunt"?

Prop Hunt, or Hide'n'Seek, is an added mode within the sandbox game, Garry's Mod. The game requires a minimum of two players: one to disguise as an object in the environment (or 'prop') and one to seek out the hidden player.

To play the original Prop Hunt, one must first buy and download Garry's Mod, which is found on Steam. The user can then subscribe to and download the Prop Hunt add-on for no additional cost.

When playing on the red (or "hiders") team in Prop Hunt, the player is given a 30-second head start to explore the map and find a hiding spot. By placing themselves in front of an object and pressing the "E" key, the hider can change themselves into an exact duplicate of that object. It is the hider's choice to stay still or move around during the game.

When playing on the blue (or "seekers") team, a player's job is to find everyone on the opposing team before the time limit expires. If a seeker believes they have found a hider disguised as a prop, they can shoot or hit the prop to expose it. A correct guess depletes the life of the hider, and an incorrect guess depletes the life of the seeker.

The game ends when all hiders are found and destroyed when all seekers have died, or when the time limit expires.

Prop Hunt was originally written and released by Darkimmortal.