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To play "Primal Carnage," a player chooses between two teams, humans and dinosaurs. The teams then compete in different game modes. As of 2015, "Primal Carnage" has three game modes: Team Deathmatch, Get to the Chopper and Capture the Egg.

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In Team Deathmatch, human and dinosaur teams compete to get the most kills. The team with the most kills when the time runs out wins. In Get to the Chopper, the human team must capture several points to signal for a rescue helicopter while the dinosaur team attempts to stop them. Capture the Egg is a game mode based on the classic Capture the Flag game. Players must take the egg from the opposing team's side and bring it to their own side to score a point.

Players on the human team play from a first person perspective. Humans have five different classes: commando, scientist, pathfinder, trapper and pyromaniac. Each class has unique equipment. For example, the scientist has a sniper rifle to attack from afar and a cattle prod to stun dinosaurs with.

Dinosaur team players play from a third person perspective, which gives them greater situational awareness. Dinosaur team gameplay relies heavily on stealth, speed and melee attacks. The dinosaur team has nine different species and five different classes: tank, assault, ambush, scout and charger. Each class has different stats and abilities; for example, the assault class can pounce on humans and disable them.

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