How Do You Play Pranks With Doors?

Doors lend themselves to a number of pranks, ranging from positioning things on top of the doors to taping or sealing them shut. Many clever door pranks merely involve leaning something against, or positioning something in front of, a particular door.

Some of the most familiar door pranks involve positioning items on top of the door. These items then fall on the unsuspecting person entering or leaving the room. However, strategies that include petroleum jelly on door knobs and taping a door shut from the outside are just as funny, and they tend to catch more people unaware. Another favorite door prank involves placing one to three strips of clear tape across the threshold of the door and catching the person who steps through like a fly in a spider web.

Most door pranks are harmless, good-natured fun, but there are some that go beyond humor. One of the more risky door pranks involves using spray-foam to actually seal the door shut. This can lead to property damage and, should an emergency occur while the person is trapped inside, serious injury. Using an excessive amount of tape when taping a door closed poses the same risks. It is best to stick with light, humorous pranks that do not harm anyone or cause property damage. Dangerous and destructive pranks can result in serious, even legal, consequences.