How Do You Play "Porta-Potty Plane 2"?


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"Porta-Potty Plane 2" is played by using the left and right arrow keys or touch screen in order to launch a car-like creation a long distance. This game is available for both computer and cellphone.

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To play "Porta-Potty Plane 2" on a computer, the user must first install Adobe Flash Player. The premise of the game is that the player is building and launching a car-like device as far as possible. After starting up the game and hitting the Play button, the player is brought to an upgrade menu. Here she can purchase upgrades for her automobile, such as increased speed, engine improvements and fuel, using in-game money.

After purchasing any necessary upgrades, the player hits the Fly Away! button. The player must use the right-arrow key on a computer or swipe rightward on a mobile device to start speeding up the machine as it gets launched off a hill. Once in the air, the player uses the left- and right-arrow keys or side-swiping touch functionality to balance the vehicle for landing. The more the user plays, the more in-game money she earns for purchasing upgrades. These upgrades can also be purchased with real-world currency.

"Porta-Potty Plane 2" is a simple 2-D side-scrolling flash game. It is also available for Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad.

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