How Do You Play Pokemon Silver Version Online?

Play the online version of “Pokemon Silver” on websites that offer online emulation, such as This website features an online emulator that lets people play GameBoy games without having to download anything. Also available on this site are other Pokemon games such as “Pokemon Red.”

Use a computer keyboard to interact with the game. Use the arrow keys to move the on-screen character left, right, up and down. Use the S and D keys as if they are the B and A buttons, respectively, on the GameBoy. The Enter key represents the Start button, and the space bar represents Select.

In “Pokemon Sliver,” players take control of a Pokemon trainer on a mission to beat the elite four and become a Pokemon Master. During the quest, they have to train and collect Pokemon while trying to fill in the missing pieces of the Pokedex.

At the start of the game, you must fill in the current real-world time. The game needs this information because it features a day and night cycle that functions in real time. You can only catch certain Pokemon during certain times of the day.

After filling out the time, you get to choose a name for your Pokemon trainer. Choose from certain names that the game created, such as Sliver and Max, or select New Name to create your own.