How Do You Play Pokemon Games at

To play Pokémon games at, players first have to visit and then choose the Pokémon game that they wish to play, such as "Pokémon Yellow," "Pokémon Gold" or "Pokémon Blue." Next, the game loads in a Flash player inside the Web browser. is a site that allows people to play old video games using emulators that are built into the website. This prevents players from having to download an emulator or a game to play. Players have to use computer keyboards to interact with the games they play. The D-pad on a controller is replaced with the up, down, left and right arrow keys on the keyboard, and the B and A buttons are replaced with the S and D keys, respectively.

In "Pokémon Blue," players take control of a Pokémon trainer as he attempts to collect all of the Pokémon badges with the ultimate goal of eventually taking on the Elite Four. Throughout the game, players have to collect Pokémon to help them in this quest. In total, there are 150 Pokémon in the game for players to collect. To catch all of the Pokémon, however, players have to collect and trade certain ones from "Pokémon Red." The ability to trade Pokémon between game versions is not possible on