How Do You Play Plazma Burst 2?


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Gamers can play “Plazma Burst 2” on arcade websites such as Plazmaburst2.com, using a computer keyboard and mouse to control the on-screen character. The goal of the game is to successfully reach the end of each stage, completing all objectives along the way.

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When players start “Plazma Burst 2,” they can change the character's helmet and the color of its head, body, legs and arms. They can also choose which equipment they want to use. Players can collect money on each stage and use it to unlock new equipment. At the start of the game, they start out with $200.

Players use the computer mouse to control the direction that the character is looking, as well as aim the weapon it's using. They press the left mouse button to fire the gun or do a melee attack depending on which weapon they have. Players control the movement of the character with the A, S, D and W keys on the computer keyboard. The W key makes the character jump, the S key makes it duck, and the A and D keys move left and right respectively.

Doing certain actions in the game unlocks achievements, which the player can view on the character customization screen. Some achievements include killing a certain number of enemies and performing actions such as wall jumps.

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