How Do You Play "Plants Vs Zombies Adventures"?

"Plants vs Zombies Adventures" consisted of three gameplay modes that allowed players to build towns and grow plants, then use them to either defend against oncoming zombies or attack the towns of other players. The game's controls consisted of simple clicking actions for building, item placement and interactions.

The game "Plants vs Zombies Adventures" was playable on the Facebook social gaming platform from early 2013 to late 2014. As of 2015, the game is not available on any sites. When the game was active, players chose from the available modes to either build up their farms or engage in battles with other players. The town-building mode focused on placing different plants and structures around a set play space, with each building carrying a specific time and resource cost. As the player built up her town, she was able to access different features and bonuses for use in the other gameplay modes.

In the game's Road Trip mode, players set up defenses against waves of attacking zombies following the common tower defense methods of the other "Plants vs Zombies" games. The player chose plants from her town to place in the path of the oncoming zombies. The other mode, Brainball, allowed the players to attack other players in an attempt to gather resources and earn in-game currency.