How Do You Play "Pinochle" Live?


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In a game of Pinochle, 12 cards are dealt face down to each player, and the remaining cards, called the stock, are placed aside. Ace has the highest value, followed by 10, King, Queen and Jack, with nines having no value. Turn the first card from the stock face up. This card is the trump suit, which has a higher value than any other suit.

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Organize your hand into melds, with three or more cards of the same suit or a rank in a sequence, and place them face up on the table. The meld with the highest value is called the run, and has the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 in the trump suit worth 15 points. Ten points are given to one Ace in each suit.

Take any of your cards and play it as the lead card in the first trick of the game. A Pinochle round played one card at a time from each player's hand is called a trick. The opponents try to take a card with a higher meld value than the lead card. The card values taken in tricks are marked in a score sheet.

The last trick in the game is worth 10 points. After the game is over, add the card values together to determine the winner.

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