How Do You Play Pinata Hunter 2?


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Gamers use the computer mouse to beat a Pinata and collect candy in “Pinata Hunter 2.” The candy turns into in-game money, and players use this money to upgrade their pinata-destroying skills. The game is available to play on arcade websites such as Kongregate.

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In “Pinata Hunter 2,” players move the mouse pointer over a hanging pinata to strike it. Every time the player moves the mouse over the pinata, candy flies out. The goal is to not only destroy the pinata but also to catch as much candy as possible. To catch candy, players have to position the candy-catching device strategically under the pinata and plan their hits.

The more candy that players catch, the more money that they obtain to upgrade various skills and items. They must use this money to upgrade their weapon, gloves and candy-catching bag or container. For example, when players first start out, they are catching candy in a small paper bag. They eventually gather enough money to upgrade this bag to an IKEA bag.

Players need to upgrade their stats evenly as well. For example, simply upgrading the weapon that they use to hit the pinata with causes more damage to the pinata and makes the pain meter rise quicker. They also need to upgrade the gloves to combat the extra pain.

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