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You can play Hasbro's Pictionary easily with four or more people in less than an hour using the materials in the box, as well as extra pencils and paper. To do this, you need a full Pictionary game set which includes a board, playing pieces, colored dice, category cards, pencils, paper, and a timer.

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You begin by dividing your group of players into teams of two. Each team chooses a color to be their team piece. Place both on the board near the beginning, and the first team then rolls the dice to begin gameplay.

The game works based on miniature challenges in which players divide into drawer and guesser roles. The drawer is given a secret card and corresponding item to draw. They may not reveal it except through art on a small piece of paper. The artwork is the only clue the guesser will get as to what the item might be, and it is up to them to figure it out, within the time limit, to advance their team in the game. If they do not guess correctly, then the other team rolls the dice, and starts their turn.

Categories of items to draw are: O - Object, A - Action, P - Person/Place/Animal, D - Difficult, and AP - All Play. While the words themselves range from simple terms like "dog" to much more difficult things like "Davy Jones' Locker." The first team to advance to the finish line is the winning team.

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