How Do You Play Pickle?


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To play pickle, gather at least four players, find a small, soft ball, such as a tennis ball, and create two bases about 30 yards apart. Select two people to stand near the bases; they are the ends, and the rest of the people are the runners. The ends throw the ball at runners and try to hit them; the runners have to run between bases. After a runner is hit three times, he becomes an end.

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It is possible to use a baseball plate or a sewer lid on the street as a base. Players can also draw a circle on the ground, but it needs to be large enough to fit several people in it. The runners can stand on either one of the bases for however long they like, and the ends can't hit them. The game starts with all the runners standing in the middle of the playing area. The ends have to throw the ball back and forth three times before the runners can run to the bases.

The end that hit the runner for the third time becomes a runner. Players don't usually keep score in this game; however, it is possible to keep track of how many times each player switches bases and how many times he is hit by the ball. Don't throw the ball too hard if a player is close, as it can hurt a lot.

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