How Do You Play the "Phase 10" App Online?


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"Phase 10" is played using a downloadable app or on Facebook. To play online, the user connects to the app via his Facebook account. Designed by Magmic, the "Phase 10" online game is designed to be played just like the original Mattel card game with additional social media aspects.

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The "Phase 10" online game starts with players being dealt a hand of eight digital cards. The players take turns discarding and drawing cards until they complete the current phase. There are 10 phases in the game, each one having a different objective.

In addition to completing the phases, players compete to earn the lowest amount of points. Once a player completes a phase, the value of the cards in each player’s hand is added up. This total is the amount of points each player receives. The player who completed the phase doesn’t receive any points during that round. At the end of the game, the player with the least amount of points is considered the winner.

The online app allows players to connect with friends to play or find additional players online. Both solo games and multiplayer versions of the game are available and allow players to challenge one to three real or artificial players.

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