How Do You Play Penguin Diner 2?

How Do You Play Penguin Diner 2?

To play "Penguin Diner 2," click on customers to seat them at tables, take their orders and serve them food. The game is available on, as of 2015.

To find the game on, visit the site's home page, and perform a search for "Penguin Diner 2." Click the game's icon on the search results page.

Click Play once the game loads. On the game's main menu, click Play Game to start the game, or click Instructions to read the game's instructions. After you click through the opening sequence, the game begins. Each level of the game is one day at one of the game's restaurants. The game lists the minimum amount of money you must make to complete the level.

Each customer appears on the carpet first. Click on the customer, and click on an open table to seat the customer at that table. Customer couples give larger tips if you seat them at a table with flowers.

Customers raise their hands when they're ready to order. Click on a customer to go to his table, and then click on him again to take his order. When the order appears, click on it to pick it up, and then click on the customer's table to deliver it. You can carry up to two orders at once.

When a customer finishes the meal and leaves, click on the table to clean it and collect the money. The money you receive varies based on your performance.