How Do You Play the Paws in Jobland Game?

How Do You Play the Paws in Jobland Game?

Paws in Jobland is a career exploration game produced by Bridges, and it is intended for fifth grade students. The game is available to play online for free at LessonPaths, as of 2015.

Paws in Jobland is a fun way to educate children about the different careers available in life. The game's sections are Jobland, Job Finder, Quiz and ABC Search. Follow these steps below to play Paws in Jobland.

  1. Access Paws in Jobland
  2. Go to the page for Paws in Jobland hosted at the LessonPaths website. Choose one of the sound options, and then watch the opening video of the game or click the game screen to continue.

  3. Go to Jobland
  4. Click the "Jobland" icon. Jobland introduces children to the wide variety of different jobs available in the world. Click the hand icon to scroll through and read Paws' instructions. Move the cursor over the buildings and places on the map. The different areas include human services, education and training, finance, information technology, business management and administration, manufacturing, architecture and construction or health science. Click one of the job fields to select it. The screen will display the job field and a list of different related careers. Click one of the career titles to find out more information about it, including its numerous roles and responsibilities. Click each arrow to receive more information, with an option to print it out at the end. Click the "Back" arrow to return to Jobland, and select another job field and position to learn more about it. To exit Jobland, click Paws' dog house and then click the "Main Menu" icon.

  5. Use Job Finder
  6. Click the "Job Finder" icon. Job Finder is useful in helping children find out what career field may interest them. Answer questions by click in the "Yes," "No" or "?" box if undecided, and then click the right finger icon to answer the next question. After answering all 26 questions, Paws will show the matching job fields in Jobland, where more information is available. To return to the main screen, click the dog house and select "Main Menu."

  7. Take the quiz
  8. Click the "Quiz" icon. The Quiz tests children on their understanding of the different jobs covered in Jobland. Answer the questions in each drawer correctly to solve the puzzle. When finished, click the dog house and select "Main Menu."

  9. Search with the ABC Search tool
  10. Click the "ABC Search" icon. ABC Search provides quick access to each specific job role from Jobland. Clicking on a title reveals information about the career.