How Do You Play Papas Frezearia?

Play Papa's Freezeria by starting the game and building a workstation. Add to it by creating mix and top stations and taking the customer's order. Give the ice cream to the customer and collect tips.

In order to play Papa's Freezeria, make sure Adobe Flash is installed on the computer. Visit a site, such as Coolmath-Games, to play.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Visit the Coolmath-games website and scroll down to the middle of the page. Under "Popular Games," click "Papa's Freezeria."

  3. Start the game
  4. Click the "Play" button to begin.

  5. Select a player slot
  6. Select a player slot where player progress gets saved by selecting "New Game."

  7. Choose a character
  8. Choose a character from either Alberto or Penny.

  9. Watch the intro video
  10. Watch the introduction video or click "Skip Intro."

  11. Build a new station
  12. Click "Build Station" to begin.

  13. Add a mix station
  14. Click "Mix Station" to add syrups and other add-ons to the station.

  15. Add a freezer station
  16. Add a top section to freeze the sundaes.

  17. Add a topping station
  18. Add a topping sections that can be used to add extra toppings to the sundaes.

  19. Serve a customer
  20. Click "Take Order" to serve the first customer.

  21. Organize tickets
  22. Drag the customer's order ticket to the ticket line.

  23. Prepare the sundae
  24. Prepare the sundae by clicking "Build Station." Add the ice cream and toppings by clicking on the correct ingredients.

  25. Blend the ingredients
  26. Blend the ingredients by placing the cup under the blender.

  27. Add toppings
  28. Add toppings in the order in which they appear on the ticket.

  29. Click "Finish"
  30. Click "Finish" then drag the ticket onto the ticket holder.