How Do You Play "Papa's Wingeria"?


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Play the free online game "Papa's Wingeria" by clicking on the appropriate in-game prompts to take customer orders for different styles of chicken wings, then visit the appropriate stations to prepare the foods. Once the food is done, deliver it to the customer to receive a tip.

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At the start of the game, you have the option to choose from one of three save files, if available, or start a new game in an empty save slot. In a new game, you either select one of the default characters or design your own custom character. After choosing a character, you begin the first day of operations at your wing shop. The gameplay in "Papa's Wingeria" consists of taking and preparing customer orders, each of which involves different steps that must be completed using the mouse.

To take a customer's order, wait until he walks up to the counter and launches the appropriate icon. Once you receive the order, drag it onto the order line at the top of the page, then proceed to the fry station. Here, you fry the correct amount of chicken wings by dragging them into a fryer. Once the wings are done, take them to the sauce station and apply the appropriate sauce. Complete the order by adding any necessary sides and delivering it to the correct customer.

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