How Do You Play "Papa's Taco Mia"?


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Play the game "Papa's Taco Mia" by following the on-screen instructions to take various customer orders and build tacos. The game includes sections for grilling and preparing different kinds of meat and filling the tacos with ingredients such as lettuce, onions, cheese and salsa.

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The premise of "Papa's Taco Mia" is that the player receives ownership of a taqueria as the prize for winning a taco-eating contest and must learn how to manage the daily operations of the store. The game includes four basic segments for operation: taking customer orders, grilling foods, assembling the tacos and delivering the taco to the customer. Over the course of each level, which the game refers to as days, more and more customers place orders, making it difficult to fill and keep track of them all.

To take a customer's order, click on the icon that appears as she approaches the counter, then drag the order ticket to the top of the screen. Next, enter the grilling station to prepare the meats and other ingredients in the ticket. After completing this task, head to the filling station to assemble the taco as specified in the order ticket. Finally, take the taco to the customer who originally placed the order.

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