How Do You Play "Papa's Pastaria?"?


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Play "Papa's Pastaria" by taking customer orders and visiting different sections of the restaurant to cook pasta dishes and side orders. Each aspect of preparing the meal involves clicking on-screen elements, such as pots of water to boil pasta or jars of sauce, to complete the dish.

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As a cooking-themed, time-management game, "Papa's Pastaria" requires you to balance your time and resources to complete several actions over the course of each level. The start of the game features a tutorial that explains each element of gameplay. To begin, take an order from an approaching customer by clicking on the icon that appears above his head. The order explains what type of pasta he wants, the order of sauce and cheese, and the number of meatballs and side orders of bread. Then, proceed to the cooking stations to boil the pasta and assemble the dish before delivering the order to the customer.

As the game progresses, more customers enter the store with their orders. You need to manage your limited cooking stations to fill each order before the customer gets mad and leaves. Each aspect of preparing the meal takes time, thus adding to the challenge of filling each order as quickly as possible.

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