How Do You Play "Papa's Freezeria"?


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Take orders quickly and mix sundaes accurately to please customers and earn bigger tips in "Papa's Freezeria." Constructing each sundae carefully earns you more customer satisfaction and tips.

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The interface is divided into four stations. In the Order Station, click on customers' speech bubbles to take their orders automatically. After the server fills out a ticket, drag it to the ticket line at the top of the screen. Click on the Build Station button. To fill the cup with ice cream, wait for the sliding white bar to reach the green section in the middle of the dispenser, and click the green button to stop it. Follow the same procedure to fill the cup with mix-ins and syrup. The cup then moves to the Mix Station. Click and drag the cup onto one of the mixing platforms, then let it mix until the bar fills to the correct level.

Finally, drag the cup to the bottom-left corner to move it to the Top Station. Spread the toppings as evenly as possible by moving the mouse left and right while pouring. When the sundae is finished, drag the ticket the green square. The customer judges the quality of the sundae and gives an appropriate tip.

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