How Do You Play the "OurWorld" Game?


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Play "OurWorld" by visiting OurWorld.com and selecting a character from the male or female options available. Control the character by clicking on different parts of the environment to walk around, move between rooms and interact with other players. Visit different locations, your condo, other player's condos and events by clicking around the environment. Gain access to more locations and in-game capabilities by leveling up. Some capabilities include the ability to purchase a vehicle and the ability to get a job.

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Collect coins to purchase "OurWorld" items. A basic way to earn coins is to spend flow in prize central. Each time flow is spent in prize central, the player receives either coins or an item. Sell the items to gain more coins. Earn coins as rewards for playing different "OurWorld" games or challenges.

Click on other players to view their profile and player statistics. Using the buttons at the bottom of the user profile, send hearts, gifts or messages to another player. Click the Add Friend button to add a player to your friend list, or click the Block button to ignore communication from a player.

At the bottom of the main game screen, there are buttons that make the character dance or wave. Click the Save button to save a character and game progress.

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