How Do You Play "Oregon Trail"?


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In the classic "Oregon Trail" game, the player acts as a 1800s pioneer who leads a group of settlers through the Oregon trail, and makes decisions about how the party rests, eats and purchases. The player inputs text to execute actions and decisions.

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How Do You Play "Oregon Trail"?
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The choices the player makes directly affect how many, if any, of the settlers survive the trip to settle at their destination in Oregon. However, some illnesses and accidental deaths are decided by a simulated die roll. If the settlers do not rest often enough, they have a higher risk of illness. The trip takes longer and there is a higher chance of starvation or injury if the player makes the settlers rest too much.

Another decision is when to eat. If the settlers eat too much, the food may run out before the player gets a chance to hunt, and if the player fails at hunting, there is less food. If the settlers are not fed enough, they are prone to illness and starvation.

"Oregon Trail" was created in 1971 and is one of the earliest computer games. The educational game teaches children about the struggles of pioneers in early America and the history of the westward expansion.

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