How Do You Play "This Is the Only Level"?


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People have to use puzzle-solving skills to figure out how to beat every stage of “This is the Only Level.” In this game, they play the same level multiple times, but the rules for beating the level change each time. Reading the name of the stage gives players hints on how to solve the puzzles.

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To control this game, the player uses a computer keyboard and mouse to move the elephant into one of the pipes. Sometimes, he needs to hit the red button in the middle of the stage to open a green gate that blocks the path to the pipe. Other times, hitting this red button makes the green gate close.

"This is the Only Level" times players on how long it takes them to complete each level. It also keeps up with their total number of deaths. When the player dies, he has to restart the puzzle. Dying also makes the stage reset, which is helpful if the player fails to figure out a puzzle or makes a move that renders it impossible to complete.

On the bottom of the game window, the player can access the Menu button that takes him back to the title screen and a Pause button that pauses the game. This area of the screen is also where the player can see his total time, stage count and death count.

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