How Do You Play the Online Game Text Twist?


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Play the online game "Text Twist" by using either the mouse or the keyboard to make different word combinations out of a series of six letters within the time limit. In order progress to the next stage and access new letters, players must spell at least one six-letter word.

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At the start of each round six different letters appear at the bottom of the screen, with six blank spaces above the letters. To use the mouse to form words, click on a letter and drag it into one of the open spaces then click the Enter button to submit it. To use the keyboard, simply type the letter from the pool you wan to appear in the word to make it appear in the first available space and hit the Enter key to submit. Pressing the Backspace key removes the most recent letter, while pressing the space bar causes all the remaining letters in the pool to rearrange so that you are able to see different possible word combinations. Clicking the Twist button causes the same effect.

Though the game rewards points for completing as many words as possible, you must use all the letters in at least one word in order to unlock the next stage. All valid words you enter appear in a list to the left of the screen, which helps you keep track of words and think of new possibilities.

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