How Do You Play the Online Game "Screaming Beans"?


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Play the online game "Screaming Beans" by clicking on the can of beans multiple times to initiate an explosion, then click on the different beans that appear on the screen. Clicking on a bean causes a finger to descend from the top of the screen and squish that bean.

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"Screaming Beans" serves as more of an interactive experience than a game, as it doesn't contain any set scoring system, levels or general goal for completion. It starts out by presenting the player with a can of baked beans and on-screen instructions to click the can repeatedly. Once the player clicks the can for the first time, it begins to shake and rumble. Repeatedly clicking on the can causes the shaking to increase in intensity until the can eventually erupts in a comical explosion. As the dust from the explosion settles, a single bean with a face moves onto the screen.

When the player hovers the mouse over the bean, the cursor changes from a pointer to a hand. This indicates that the bean is an interactive aspect of the game. Clicking on that bean summons a finger that squishes it. This causes additional beans to move into the game area, look at the squished bean, and begin to scream in horror. The player may also squish these beans by clicking on them.

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